Conservatives Just Saved Kavanaugh Hours Before Accuser Testifies With INCREDIBLE Move@georgiadailypost

Does someone really believe that Kavanaugh is the raping, murdering criminal that the lefts are making him? That all those women who told nothing but good things about his character are simply not telling the truth? Who really knows, right?

As is mentioned in the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment, a man can be convicted with no facts nor evidence based on uncorroborated memories from 35 years ago. And an allegation of sexual assault is not just a tiny walk in the park. If what Christine Ford turns out to be true, then the behavior of Kavanaugh was undeniably wrong. But can we really say its true?

She said that she blurry remembers that around 35 years ago (she thinks), he forced her into a room, turned the music up to cover the sound of her screaming, put his hand over her mouth, tried to undress her as she tackled to get away, and gave her the most unpleasant treatment that she almost thought she will die.

But the real question asked here is if all of this is actually true? If it is, then why did Christine choose to go to a politician and not a law enforcement member? I sure as hell wouldn’t do that.

Ford also mentioned four witnesses, Kavanaugh who denied being there, his friend Mark Judge who she claims that he was even in the same room and who is too denying he was there. Also she claims that Patrick Smyth and Leland Ingham Keyser were there too, but they also deny it as well. Leland even stated that she never met Kavanaugh. Well how about that?

PJ Media columnist, John Hawkins on the other hand does believe Kavanaugh is innocent and he chose to launch a GoFundMe fundraiser with a goal of $100,000 to support him and his family in this campaign. So far, he has raised just over $27,000.

Market Watch reports that “Brett Kavanaugh may become the ‘poorest’ Supreme Court justice” as he is being publicly destroyed by these false accusations. And the liar, Christine Ford is the brave woman who spoke up about her “horrible” experience.

Hawkins reported:

“Ford has some powerful incentives to lie that most victims of sexual assault do not have. She’s a diehard partisan who contributed to Bernie Sanders through ActBlue and signed a letter protesting Trump’s border policies. For someone like that, being able to stop Trump from appointing a Supreme Court justice, perhaps permanently if Democrats take over the Senate, would be an incredible accomplishment.

“She’s been publicly lauded by celebrities like Julianne Moore, Eva Longoria, Marisa Tomei, and Amy Schumer. On top of all that, two GoFundMe campaigns have raised almost $350,000 for Ford. There are more than a few people who would happily kill someone for $350,000, so we can be sure that there are plenty of people that would lie about a sexual assault for that kind of money. All of that gives Ford an extremely powerful motive to lie which cannot be overlooked.”

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