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Since Dr. Christine Blasey Ford affirmed we can securely say we have a larger number of inquiries in regards to her story than we did before she affirmed.

One specific inquiry that is exceptionally odd is the point at which she was gotten some information about the polygraph test and she really said she doesn’t think she paid for it. What? In what manner can you not know whether you paid for something or you didn’t? Just in Liberal Land would someone be able to overlook on the off chance that they paid for something so essential when they are affirming before the U.S. Senate and the world.

Here is more on this contention by means of Breitbart:

“Christine Blasey Ford, the California brain science educator who leveled affirmations of high school sexual unfortunate behavior against Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh, said she doesn’t know who paid for a polygraph examination with respect to the episode while affirming before the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday.

Inclining: Conservatives Just Saved Kavanaugh Hours Before Accuser Testifies With INCREDIBLE Move

Refresh — 1:44 PM: Ford’s guidance, Debra Katz, after a break in the hearing, says: “Let me put a conclusion to this secret – her attorneys have paid for her polygraph. As is standard.”

Blasey Ford told investigator Rachel Mitchell Thursday evening that she did “not yet” know who paid for the polygraph exam she experienced on August 7, multi week after her charges against Kavanaugh achieved Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).

Portage affirmed Thursday before the Senate Judiciary Committee, leveling her allegations against President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Justice chosen one. The Republican individuals all surrendered their chance for inquiries to Mitchell, a veteran sex wrongdoings investigator.

In this trade, Mitchell asked whether Ford reviewed who had paid for the polygraph exam:

MITCHELL: Did you pay for the polygraph yourself?

Passage: I don’t think so.

MITCHELL: Do you know who paid for the polygraph?

Passage: Not yet, no.

Mitchell likewise inquired as to why Jerry Hanafin, the polygraph overseer, did not lead the examination in his Virginia office, rather at a lodging by Baltimore– Washington International Airport. “I had left my grandma’s burial service by then at Fort Lincoln Cemetery that day and I was on a tight planned to get the opportunity to make a plane to Manchester, New Hampshire,” Ford told Mitchell. “He was ready to come to me, which was valued.”

Mitchell followed up, “So you were managed a polygraph on the day that you went to your amazing mother’s memorial service ?”

“Right, or it may have been the following day,” Ford answered.

In a hot mic minute, Ford at that point swung to one of her lawyers, Debra Katz, and stated, “I don’t recall the correct day.”

Inquired as to whether she had ever been prompted on the most proficient method to take a polygraph or offered any “tips” with respect to an examination, Ford said she had not. She said that while she was “terrified” to step through the exam, she trusted it would precisely measure whether her reactions were honest.

“I didn’t anticipate that it will be the length of it would have been,” she included. “It was somewhat distressing.”

Can any anyone explain why when Liberals affirm against traditionalists the prevailing press never get down on them about what they say? Furthermore, can any anyone explain why everytime a Conservative man appears to have an issue with a few ladies in his past that lady dependably ends up being a far left wing liberal? For what reason don’t preservationist ladies ever appear to turn out and charge anybody? Perhaps they do, however when Paula Jones and Juanita Broaderick turned out and blamed Bill Clinton rather for researching the main thing that happened is that Hillary Clinton alluded to them as “Airhead Eruptions.”

Dr. Portage made a trick out of herself in the present declaration. She appeared to be somebody who didn’t comprehend what had occurred and who when gotten some information about that night really needed to peruse a scratch pad keeping in mind the end goal to recollect. That doesn’t sound typical when you have been damaged so extremely that you guarantee to not have the capacity to go into little spaces, despite the fact that you do sear in planes and you do go scuba plunging which is startling for any individual who experiences claustrophobia as Ford claims she does.

The left-wing media is as I compose this as of now planning with the Democrat Party regarding how to turn this so this lady looks fairly dependable. Be that as it may, the reality of the situation is the harm has just been done and the American individuals as of now observed direct what sort of Democrat Party arranged sham the subject of is.

Maybe the saddest part about this is the manner by which, regardless of whether affirmed, Kavanaugh’s notoriety has just been discolored to a level no blameless individual ought to need to persevere. How about we trust and implore that this phony account from the left is revealed and the individuals who contrived and lied go to jail. If not then we can securely say America has lost its significance and all we are is simply one more banana republic like such huge numbers of others on the planet.

If you don’t mind appeal to God for Judge Kavanaugh, His family, President Trump, and the United States of America!

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